For PIs & Coordinators

Contact Information: Contact Linda Hood vhood@wustl.edu  or Glenn Foster fosterg@wustl.edu  for questions regarding your scanning needs.

Study Costs: The current cost per hour to use the 3T Siemens Primsa scanner located in the East Building (4525 Scott Avenue) is shown below. Based on the time a scan is conducted, a discount to the per hour charge may be applicable. The timeframe, as well as the discount for that timeframe, is displayed following the cost per hour chart.

When applying for a grant, please use this information when requesting funding for MR scans. The projected rates for federally funded studies for each of the following years will be posted as soon as available, to assist you in completing your grant applications. An estimated increase of approximately 5% per year is expected. Again, this information will be updated as rates are determined.

Actual scanner room usage times are calculated using a 30-minute minimum with increases rounded up to the next quarter hour after the minimum is met. Charges apply to both research subjects and significant pre-study activities required to get a study launched, including pre-trial or periodic scanning of phantoms.

Rates: Federally Supported $630 per hour Industry Sponsored $945 per hour Foundation Funded $630 per hour MIR Funded (see note below) $630 per hour

Discounts: Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm 0% Monday-Friday, 5pm-9pm 30% Saturday, 7am-5pm 30% Everyday, 12am-7am 70% All other times 50%

  • Starting a new study/lab http://imaging.wustl.edu:81/RIIS/
  • Scheduling\calendar http://mirsharepoint.wustl.edu/SitePages/Home.aspx (Dr. Steve Petersen assigns dedicated slots if needed)