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Magnetom Skyra Neuroimaging 3T MRI

Services, Resources & Environment

  • The Skyra Facility at Washington University  provides advanced imaging resources to support clinical and non clinical MR imaging research.
  • The Skyra Facility is located on the Washington University Medical School Campus in the East Building\East Imaging Building.
  • MRI Technologist available Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-3:30 pm (can be flexible with hours).
  • Waiting area
  • Exam\consult\testing room
  • 1 dedicated MRI scanner 
  • Mock scanner for training purposes

The Siemens 3T Skyra system has been customized to acquire data for the Human Connectome Project which is a unique, ambitious, and exciting effort to map the connections between different brain regions in a large population of healthy adults.   The data collected for this project will be freely available to the scientific community using a powerful, user-friendly informatics platform.   Because of the customization of the gradients, the Skyra can only collect brain images.  This system is also available for non HCP researchers.

Gradient Hardware:  The dedicated Skyra 3T scanner has been built with a customized gradient set capable of approximately double the maximum gradient strength (70mT/m to 100mT/m) of a standard Scanner (40mT/m) to provide the highest performance on a 3T scanner that is safe and reliable using current technology.  Given its clinical design, it will provide high-throughput capability, high reliability, and an excellent reference dataset for future connectome studies carried out at various institutions that have a similar commercial 3 T scanner.  The Skyra systems table built was custom built specifically to accommodate the gradient modifications, which reduced slightly the open bore circumference.  The length of the bore is approximately 6 feet.   The system utilizes a 32 channel head coil, and a custom built pediatric head coil.