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Cyclotron Facility

Mike Nickels, PhD - Director Cyclotron Facility

Greg Gaehle, MS - Associate Director Cyclotron Facility

Sally Schwarz RPh, MS, BCNP - Professor of Radiology  

Reiko Oyama, RPh - PET Nuclear Pharmacist, Quality Control and Assurance Manager

Steve Moerlein, RPh, PhD - PET Nuclear Pharmacist 

Jenna Pickhardt, RPh - PET Nuclear Pharmacist

Bob Dennett - Cyclotron Supervisor East, Cyclotron Facility

Chris Bognar - Senior Research Engineer

Patrick Zerkel - Cyclotron Facility Engineer

Luke Lawrence - Cyclotron Operator – Engineer

Siddesh Phatpekar - Research Engineer

James Robben - QC Equipment Manager

Jon-Paul LaVenture - Senior  PET Technician

Nerissa Torrey - Senior PET Technician

Brian Wingbermuehle - Research Engineer

Aixiao Li - Staff Scientist 

Brett Tebbe - PET Technician

Theo Blumenschein - PET Technician

Anh Pham - Document Controller

Jennifer Morgan - Facility Coordinator

Bill Margenau - Cyclotron Operator II, Barnard Cyclotron 

Patricia Margenau - Cyclotron Operator 

Radionuclide Production Facility
Tom Voller - Research Lab Manager

Evelyn Madrid - Senior PET Technician

Paul Eisenbeis - Senior PET Technician