Services Offered by the CNDA

The Central Neuroimaging Data Archive (CNDA) is an imaging informatics platform for securely managing and sharing imaging and related data. Originally used largely to support neuroimaging research at Washington University, it now enables a wide variety of research for institutions around the world. The CNDA is operated by the Neuroinformatics Research Group (NRG) at Washington University School of Medicine under the direction of Dr. Daniel Marcus, Assistant Professor of Radiology.

Services of the CNDA
The CNDA was designed to facilitate common data management and productivity tasks for neuroimaging and associated data. Notable features include:

  1. Support for a range of image upload/download methods, including DICOM, FTP, web services, and web browsers;
  2. An extensible data model that simplifies the incorporation of new data types by automatically generating the necessary database tables and relations, user interface components, and search engine plug-ins;
  3. Quality control modules and audit trails, including a virtual quarantine that houses uploaded data until authorized users have validated them and a complete history profile that tracks all changes made to the managed data;
  4. A secure web-based user interface for data entry and access;
  5. A sophisticated search engine that builds queries across data types;
  6. An online image viewer that supports a number of common neuroimaging formats, including DICOM and Analyze;
  7. A pipeline engine for automating image processing routines; and
  8. Support for multi-site studies.

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