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Central Neuroimaging Data Archive (CNDA)

Radiology Central Neuroimaging Data Archive CNDA Scan
Radiology Central Neuroimaging Data Archive CNDA Scan
Radiology Central Neuroimaging Data Archive CNDA

The flagship installation of XNAT

The Central Neuroimaging Data Archive (CNDA) is a resource for managing study data collected by the Washington University neuroimaging community. It includes a secure database, automated pipelines for processing managed data, and tools for exploring and accessing the data. Access to data in the CNDA is restricted to users authorized by the specific study’s investigators.

The archive currently stores over 45,000 MRI, PET, and CT imaging studies obtained from over 30,000 subjects. It also manages an extensible set of non-imaging data , including neuropsychological, clinical, biomarker, genetic, and behavioral data. These data represent over 1,000 different research projects from many departments and hundreds of investigators. 

The CNDA is hosted by the Neuroinformatics Research Group (NRG) and is the site of the NRG flagship installation of XNAT, an open-source software package for managing neuroimaging and related data.Researchers who use the CNDA also have the capability to create their own custom pipelines to handle specific image-processing tasks central to their research. As our most heavily used instance of XNAT, the CNDA’s user group provides invaluable feedback toward the ongoing development and improvement of the XNAT system.

Visit cnda-help.wustl.edu for CNDA help documentation and videos, training schedules and upgrade information or email the CNDA help desk at cnda-help@wustl.edu.