Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC)


The CHPC provides access to High Performance Computing resources and the expertise necessary to tackle any computationally intensive scientific project. CHPC offers the following services:

  • Access to a professionally managed High Performance Computing System with 2,560 high speed processing cores, ~17 TB of combined memory, 74 Tesla-class GPUs, and 150 TB of internal high speed shared storage
  • Access to 127 pre-installed software packages that support molecular modeling, genomic analysis, advanced imaging, statistics and mathematical analysis
  • Access to software development tools including both the Intel compilers and MPI libraries
  • Support for user access and the ability to request new software be added to the system
  • Consultation with CHPC staff on parallel computing and software optimization
  • Easy access to parallel computing through MATLAB, based on a 256-worker license for the MATLAB Distributed Computing Server and the MATLAB Parallel Computing Toolbox