Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC)


Research in the CHPC

Most of our CPU cores are used by medical imagers and scientists studying molecular dynamics, but we support a wide range of applications. We receive a lot of ‘repeat’ business. Most users are graduate students or postdoctoral scholars doing research under the guidance of a supervisor.

Our users range from individual investigators who are writing their own applications, to large international collaborations involving dozens of researchers using software developed over many years.

Once users learn the basics of running on our cluster, they often return, even with smaller problems that they’d normally process locally because our super-computer offers a more convenient way to process jobs.  We’ve worked diligently to keep the cluster as static as possible. In practice, if a user hasn’t been on the cluster for a year or two, it’s easy to return. Everything works the way they remember. We’ve removed the burden that computer users face all too often: relearning how to do the same task because an application developer has changed the look and feel of their graphical user interface.