Center for Clinical Imaging Research (CCIR)

Mission & Goals

The CCIR is committed to supporting both basic and cutting-edge healthcare research at WUSM using advanced bioimaging and information technology systems. The CCIR will assist investigators, and their collaborators, in the education, design, execution and analysis of basic and translational science imaging research studies. The CCIR also will create a sense of community for research-based technology exchange that helps connect imaging scientists, physicians and radiologists, across different departments, divisions and, institutions.


To promote basic and clinical imaging research at WUSM, the CCIR will:

  • Maintain a cohesive, well-managed imaging facility infrastructure, which includes a full range of imaging modality hardware/software, as well as, protocol development and project management support services.
  • Support all routine bioimaging needs for WUSM research investigators and their collaborators.
  • Develop and deploy information management systems to control image data acquisition, analysis, storage and mining capabilities.
  • Constantly seek ways to improve upon best laboratory practices and provide quality imaging services.
  • Team with WUSM training grant directors and mentors to educate and prepare the next generation of imaging science leaders via contribution and/or sponsorship of courses, seminars, symposia, workshops and related forums.
  • Foster both internal and external partnerships to pioneer development of innovative, advanced state-of-the-art bioimaging technologies and protocols, including but not limited to, the development and translation of target, mechanism, outcome and prognostic imaging biomarkers of disease.