Center for Clinical Imaging Research (CCIR)

The forms needed to submit a research proposal or protocol to the CCIR can be downloaded below. Completed forms contain the information required to plan, develop and execute the research study. These forms should be filled out and emailed to thomasb@wustl.edu.  Once the information for the study has been collected and the CCIR protocol has been integrated and approved in the CCIR, an official approval notification will be sent to the investigator/coordinator and the research study can begin.

Instruction and Process Forms

Imaging Registration Forms

Subject Forms for Scanning

Technology Development Forms


The registration and acceptance process in the CCIR is independent of the University’s IRB and/or RDRC approval processes, which may require significantly more information than that required by the CCIR. The investigator is responsible for ensuring all correct approvals are in place before starting the research activities.