Center for Clinical Imaging Research (CCIR)

Center for Clinical Imaging Research (CCIR)

Ongoing studies include:

Title: Antecedent Biomarkers For AD: The Adult Children Study (Project 4)
The overall goal of this study is to determine whether scans of the brain can be used to detect early evidence of attention deficit (AD). This will be accomplished by comparing particular measures of the brain in adult children of people with AD and those without a family history of AD.CCIR #0181. Principal investigator: Tammie Benzinger

Title: Insulin And The Default Mode Network In Health And Disease
This is a research study of how the body, particularly the brain, normally responds to high insulin levels. Sugar from the blood is the fuel used by the brain. Insulin is a hormone produced in the body which regulates glucose. Glucagon is a hormone produced in the body to raise blood sugar. Glucagon and insulin work together to help keep blood sugar levels stable. The PET/MRI will be used to measure brain sugar metabolism in healthy individuals while infusing insulin and maintaining sugar concentrations are held constant at a normal level. CCIR #0559. Principal investigator: Arbelaez

Title: Development of a PET-MR Myocardial Perfusion Examination Using Regadenoson
The purpose of this study is to find out if a certain drug called Regadenoson can be used to get stress images of the heart using PET/MR.CCIR# 0576. Principal investigator: Pamela Woodard

Title: Longitudinal Diffusion Basis Spectrum Imaging (DBSI) Of Multiple Sclerosis
The overall purpose of this study is to develop a better MR imaging technique for the diagnosis and prognosis of multiple sclerosis (MS). Presently there is no MR technique that can tell us as much information as a brain biopsy. CCIR# 0692.Principal Investigator: Anne Cross