Center for Clinical Imaging Research (CCIR)

The CCIR uses imaging scanners to gather data and information in support of the study you are participating. Some of these are listed below:

MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging
There are two MRI scanners, a 1.5T Avanto scanner that allows for scans with higher temporal or spatial resolutions. Higher temporal resolutions allow the visualization of the beating heart in a near real time acquisition. We also have a Trio 3.0 that can be used for faster scan times or better resolution.  You will not be allowed to participate in an MRI study if you have certain types of metal or devices in your body.

PET/CT: Combination PET & CT
Positron Emission Tomography (PET) fused with Computed Tomography (CT) is a nuclear medicine procedure that produces pictures of the body’s functions. Physicians use PET/CT images to diagnose and manage patient treatment plans for many diseases in cancer, heart and brain.  PET creates images of high metabolic activity in the body, rather than creating images of anatomy only. CT technology provides anatomic information about where the lesion is located. Together, a PET/CT scan allows our physicians to view metabolic activity and pinpoint where abnormal lesions are located so that they may target the disease.

PET/MR: Combination PET & MRI

The Biograph mMR (Siemens, Malvern, PA) is the first system in the world that can simultaneously acquire MR and PET images across the whole body. The CCIR has one of the first 3 in the United States.