Center for Clinical Imaging Research (CCIR)

Center for Clinical Imaging Research (CCIR)

CCIR FY22 Rates: The prices for MRI, PET-CT, and PET-MR scanning services in the CCIR are based on an hourly rate for the use of the scanner room(s). Costs are based on governmental and Industry rates depending on the nature of funding mechanisms.

There will be no additional charges for most ancillary services when conducting a scan. If there is no scan associated with an ancillary service there will be a charge.

CNDA charges, cyclotron charges and professional fees for study interpretation that are not under CCIR auspices are billed separately by the CNDA, Cyclotron Facility, and CRL and are not considered here.

For a detailed breakdown of all pricing, please see our CCIR Facility FY22 Price Sheet. If you have any questions about costs or need guidance in estimating your needs for a study please contact Betsy Thomas thomasbe@wustl.edu.

Actual scanner room usage times are calculated using a 30-minute minimum with increases rounded up to the next quarter hour after the minimum is met. Charges apply to both research subjects and significant pre-study activities required to get a study launched, including pre-trial or periodic scanning of phantoms.


  1. The prices listed on this site are subject to change annually (July 1), with increases no greater than 10%. It is strongly advised that the most recent version of the price list be used in determining the cost of a research study.
  2. There may pre-study startup costs. These costs are based on the requirements of the study/sponsor and the amount of time and services required of the CCIR.