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Radiological Chemistry and Imaging Laboratory

Training opportunities

The Radiological Chemistry and Imaging Laboratory (RCIL) is home to the DOE-funded radiochemistry training program: “Training in Techniques and Translation: Novel Nuclear Medicine Imaging Agents for Oncology and Neurology” (co-PIs: Zhude (Will) Tu and John Katzenellenbogan at University of Illinois, was funded through Department of Energy, Office of Science, Biological and Environmental Research) ended in October 2017. This program provided interdisciplinary research training for the next generation of radiochemists and nuclear medicine physicians. 

Other training opportunities for graduate students may be available through individual faculty members. Many of the faculty in RCIL have joint appointments and accept graduate students through these departments. For further information please consult the department websites or contact individual faculty members.

Other job opportunies at Washington University may be viewed at Human Resources. Currently there are no openings in RCIL.

Additional opportunities for undergraduates are available through the MIR Summer Training program.  Apllications will be availble online.

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