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Radiological Chemistry and Imaging Laboratory (RCIL)


IVIS® Lumina XR
A preclinical imaging system that supports bioluminescent, fluorescent, X-Ray, and Cherenkov Luminescence imaging. 
Please schedule your study through the Preclinical PET/CT Facility.

A high resolution digital autoradiography system for imaging beta emitters such as 3H, 32P, 35S, 125I and PET isotopes. 
For more information, please contact Jinbin Xu.

Gamma Spectroscopy
Two high-purity germanium (HPGs) detectors which are used for high resolution gamma spectroscopy for assessment of radionuclidic impurities.

Plant PET imager - NSF sponsored Major Research Instrumentation
A custom PET scanner that is integrated in a plant growth chamber and dedicated to molecular and functional plant imaging research. For more information, please contact Yuan-Chuan Tai.

Specific/unique lab capabilities and equipment

  • Chemistry labs equipped for organic syntheses
  • Dedicated hoods for radiochemistry (radio-iodination)
  • Dedicated labs for biological screening of radiolabeled compounds

Specialized equipment including:

  • tissue culture hoods, CO2 incubators, fluorescent plate readers, liquid scintillation counters, beta-plate reader, gamma counters, dose calibrators, preparative and semi-preparative HPLC’s, compact cryotome, large cryotome with tape-transfer system, flash-freezing unit.