Meet the PET - RTRC Team:

Robert Gropler, MD - Center Director, Administrative Core Leader, TR&D 2 Co-Leader, Tracer Review Committee (ad hoc), Executive Committee Chair

Zhude (Will) Tu, PhD - Program Co-Leader, TR&D 1 Leader, Training and Dissemination Core Co-Leader, Executive Committee Member

TR&D Leaders & Co-Leaders

TR&D 1 - Zhude (Will) Tu, PhD and Delphine Chen, MD

TR&D 2 - Yongjian Liu, PhD and Robert Gropler, MD

TR&D 3 - Vijay Sharma, PhD and Kooresh Shoghi, PhD

Training and Dissemination Core:

Sally Schwarz, MS, RPh - Project Leader

Buck Rogers, PhD - Co-Lead, Dissemination

Zhude (Will) Tu, PhD - Co-Lead, Training

Richard Laforest, PhD - Co-Investigator

Kooresh Shoghi, PhD - Co-Investigator

Vijay Sharma, PhD - Co-Investigator

Pamela Woodard, MD - Co-Investigator

Tracer Review Committee:               

Mark Goodman, MD, PhD, Chair (Emory University School of Medicine)

John Katzenellenbogen, PhD (University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign)

Buck Rogers, PhD

Richard Wahl, MD

Quantitative Imaging & Informatics Resource (Q2IR):

Kooresh Shoghi, PhD - Co-Leader

Dan Marcus, PhD - Co-Leader 

Richard Laforest, PhD - Co-Investigator 

Amber Salter, PhD - Biostatistician

External Advisory Committee:

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