Precision Radio-Theranostics Translational Laboratories (PRT2L)


Wenhua Chu

Contact Information
Washington University School of Medicine
Department of Radiology
Campus Box 8225
510 S. Kingshighway
St. Louis, MO 63110

2213C East Building
(314) 362-8508

Current Position
Instructor in Radiology

Research Interests
My research focuses on development and synthesis of small molecular probes for preclinical and clinical diagnosis and therapy.

Key Publications:

  1. Xu J., Zeng C., Chu W., Pan F., Rothfuss J.M., Zhang F., Tu Z., Zhou D., Zeng D., Vangveravong S., Johnston F., Spitzer D., Chang K.C., Hotchkiss R.S., Hawkins W.G., Wheeler K.T., Mach R.H. Identification of the PGRMC1 protein complex as the putative sigma-2 receptor binding site. Nat Commun. 2: 380-386, 2011.
  2. Chu W., Rothfuss J., Zhou D., Mach R.H. Synthesis and evaluation of isatin analogs as caspase-3 inhibitors: introduction of a hydrophilic group increases potency in a whole cell assay. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 21(8), 2192-7, 2011.
  3. Zhou D., Chu W., Chen D.L., Wang Q., Reichert D.E., Rothfuss J., D’Avignon A., Welch M.J., Mach R.H. [18F]- and [11C]-Labelled N-benzyl-isatin sulfonamide analogues as PET tracers for apoptosis: Synthesis, radiolabeling mechanism, and in vivo imaging of apoptosis in Fas-treated mice. Org. Biomol. Chem. 7: 1237-1248, 2009.
  4. Chu W., Xu J., Zhou D., Zhang F., Jones L.A., Wheeler K.T., Mach R.H. New N-substituted 9-azabicyclo[3.3.1]nonan-3α-yl phenylcarbamate analogs as σ2 receptor ligands: Synthesis, in vitro characterization, and evaluation as PET imaging and chemosensitization agents. Bioorg. Med. Chem. 17: 1222-1231, 2009.
  5. Chu W., Rothfuss J., D'Avignon A., Zeng C., Zhou D., Hotchkiss R.S., Mach, R.H. Isatin sulfonamide analogs containing a Michael addition acceptor: a new class of caspase 3/7 inhibitors. J. Med. Chem. 50(15), 3751-3755, 2007.