Precision Radio-Theranostics Translational Laboratories (PRT2L)

Our research groups employ chemistry, physics, instrumentation and computational imaging to:

  • Identify and develop novel molecular imaging and therapeutic agents
  • Develop novel imaging systems to support translational research
  • Validate new imaging probes and biological models for use in humans
  • Design and test tissue bioreactors for validation of radiopharmaceuticals and their targets
  • Develop microfluidic devices for integrated synthesis
  • Manufacture novel and established radiopharmaceuticals

Our research groups are:

  • Gropler group
  • Jha group
  • Laforest group
  • Liu group
  • Reichert group
  • Sharma group
  • Shoghi group
  • Tai group
  • Thorek group
  • Tu group
  • Vedantham group
  • Wahl group
  • Wong group
  • Woodard group
  • Xu group
  • Dong Zhou group