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Optical Spectroscopy Core Facility

Optical Spectroscopy Core Facility

In July 2012, the lab established an Optical Spectroscopy Core to help researchers around the globe to measure fluorescent properties of compounds in solution, solid and film form. We currently offer several instruments for research in UV-Vis-NIR-SWIR spectral range (200-1600 nm). Part of the instrumentation was purchased from funding provided by NIH (S10 Shared Instrumentation Grant). The researchers now can use this instrumentation for a small fee to support the instrument maintenance, repair, and upgrades. This system is part of an Optical Spectroscopy Core Facility.

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Fluorescence Spectrophotometer 300 - 1600 nm (Horiba)

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer 300 - 1600 nm


The system has a T shape geometry, features a dual housing lamp with CW 450W xenon lamp for fluorescence and UV xenon flash tube for phosphorescence, a double grating excitation monochromator, cuvette holder with front face and right angle detection for measuring fluorescence in solution, solid and opaque systems, liquid nitrogen dewar assembly for measuring the samples at very low temperature and two imaging spectrographs iHR320 f/4.1 with a kinematic turret for to up to 3 gratings each.    
Key features:


  • Variety of detectors:  four high-sensitivity  NIR detectors: thermoelectrically cooled R2658p PMT with sensitivity 185–1050 nm, thermoelectrically cooled to -70 C Synapse CCD (1024x256 pixel) detector with sensitivity 200–900 nm; thermoelectrically cooled H10330-45 PMT detector with sensitivity 950–1400 nm, and liquid nitrogen cooled linear InGaAs array detector Symphony II 512x50x1 with sensitivity 800–1700 nm.      
  • Lifetime modules The instrument features fluorescence lifetime module TCSPC with Xe subsecond pulse strobe, nanosecond pulsed sources NanoLeds 295, 370, 460, 560, 648, 700, 773 and 820 nm and picoseconds pulsed sources Delta 785 and 980 nm for measuring fluorescence and phosphorescence lifetimes.
  • Polarizers: The system is equipped with automated polarizers for both S and T sides and a manual polarizer for lifetime measurements.
  • Absolute measurements: The instrument is fiberoptically connected with external 6” integrating sphere to measure luminescent quantum yields of solids, liquids, powders, thin films and small light sources and calculate chromaticity.
  • Fast kinetics: The system has an external stopped flow unit for measuring rapid kinetics of chemical reactions.
  • Attached microscope The instrument also features an integrated fully automated microspot unit based on Olympus BX51 microscope with moving stage and automated pinhole assembly, 1.4 Mpix color fluorescence camera Lumenera 3C and 120W metal halide fluorescence illuminator X-cite with computer controlled iris. Fluorescence cubes: FITC, Cy5, Cy7 and others including custom made; objectives: 1,25X, 4X, 10X, 20X, 50X, reflecting objectives 15X, 70X and others.


Fluorescence Spectrophotometer 200 - 850 nm (ISS Inc.)

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer 200 - 850 nm


One of the most reliable fluorescent spectrophotometers in the world built by ISS inc. Upgraded in 2016
Key features include:


  • Emission 200-850 nm.
  • Frequency domain lifetime measurement,
  • T-format and parallel beam optical design for fast polarization measurements
  • Full automation of all instrument components (cuvette holder, polarizers, shutters, filter wheel, monochromators, and stirrers),
  • PC-controlled temperature from -20 to +120 oC


Absorption Spectrophotometer 600 - 1600 nm (Olis Inc.)

Absorption Spectrophotometer 600 - 1600 nm

Custom built for our lab by Olis Inc. in 2012. Certified in 2016.  
Key features include:

  • Absorption 600 -1600 nm, Hummingbird double grating monochromator,
  • Temperature-controlled cuvette holder,
  • Two thermoelectrically cooled to -40oC InGaAs detectors.
  • Variety of light sources, including a Xe lamp and a halogen lamp