Berezin Research Group - Current Team

Our laboratory was established in 2010. Our multidisciplinary team chemists, biologists, and engineers. We also collaborate with many Washington University labs, other universities, industry, and national labs in the USA and abroad

PI, Associate Professor in Radiology and Chemistry:  Mikhail Berezin, PhD Mikhail Berezin, PHD

Staff Scientist: Haying Zhou, PhD (2013 – current) Haying Zhou, PhD

Visiting Scientist: Lee Sudlow, PhD (2016 – current) Lee Sudlow, PhD

Research assistant: Kiana Shahverdi, MSc (2016 – current) Kiana Shahverdi, PhD

Research assistant: Steven Wang, MSc (2011 – current) Steven Wang, MSc

Research assistant: Tommy Du, BSc (2012 – current) Steven Wang, MSc


Undergraduate student: Anu Balasubramanian (2017 – current)

Undergraduate student: Trisha Venkatesh (2016 – current)  Steven Wang, MSc

Undergraduate student: Andy Yu (2017 – current) Steven Wang, MSc

Undergraduate student: Omar Elganzouri (2017 – current)  Steven Wang, MSc

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