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Optical Radiology Laboratory (ORL)

Jonathan Bumstead

Contact Information

Department of Radiology

Washington University School Of Medicine

4515 McKinley Ave., Room 2318

St. Louis MO 63110


Current Position

Postdoctoral researcher, Optical Radiology Lab

Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis
B.S. Mechanical Engineering,University of Pittsburgh
B.S. Physics and Astronomy, University of Pittsburgh

Research Interests
Optical system development, two-photon microscopy, optical intrinsic signal imaging  

Key Publications:

1. Bumstead JR, Rosen IA, Kraft AW, Reisman MD, Wright PW, Cote D, Lee JM, Culver JP. Designing large field-of-view two photon microscopy using optical invariant analysis. Neurophotonics 2018.

2. Bergonzi KM, Burns-Yocum TM, Bumstead JR, Buckley E, Ferradal SL, Dehghani H, Eggebrecht AT, Culver JP. Lightweight sCMOS-based High-Density Diffuse Optical Tomography. Neurophotonics 2018.

3. Bumstead JR, Bauer AQ, Wright PW, Culver JP. Cerebral functional connectivity and Mayer waves in mice: Phenomena and separability. Journal of cerebral blood flow and metabolism 2017.