Mikhail Berezin, PhD


Current Position
Associate Professor of Radiology

Director of the Optical Spectroscopy Core Facility

Contact Information
Washington University School of Medicine
Department of Radiology
Campus Box 8225
4515 McKinley Ave, office #2313
St. Louis, MO 63110

Research Interests

Dr. Berezin’s lab focuses on the development of novel optically active probes in the near-infrared (NIR) and shortwave-infrared (SWIR) spectral range for understanding the inflammation and peripheral nerve diseases. The lab also develops hyperspectral optical instrumentation and new algorithms for image analysis. To address the importance of high-quality optical measurements, the lab established the Optical Spectroscopy Core Facility with top-of-the-line spectroscopy and imaging instruments to serve scientists around the globe with the development of optical probes.

Recent Publications

1.      Cheadle C, Ratcliff J, Berezin MY* , Palshin V, Nemykin V, Gerasimchuk N*,  Shortwave infrared luminescent Pt-nanowires: mechanistic study of emission in solution and solid state, Dalton Transactions, 2017, 46, 13562-13581

2.      Sadtler B, Thimsen E, Berezin, MY ,* Shortwave-infrared (SWIR) emitters for biological imaging: a review of challenges and opportunities, Nanophotonics, 2017, 6, 1043–1054

3.      Zhou H, Tourkakis G, Shi D, Kim DM, Zhang H, Du T, Eades WC, Berezin MY ,* Cell-free measurements of brightness of fluorescently labeled antibodies, Scientific reports, 2017, 7, 41819

4.      Zhang H, Salo D, Kim D, Komarov S, Tai Y-C, Berezin MY,* Penetration depth of photons in biological tissues from hyperspectral imaging in SWIR in transmission and reflection geometries, J. Biomed. Opt. 2016, 21(12), 126006

5.      Zhou H, Yan Y, Ee X, Hunter DA, Akers WJ, Wood MD, Berezin MY,* Imaging of radicals following injury or acute stress in peripheral nerves with activatable fluorescent probes, Free Radical Biology & Medicine 2016, 101, 85–92

6.  He S, Tourkakis G, Berezin OY, Gerasimchuk N, Zhang H, Israely A, Zhou H, Akers W, Berezin MY* Temperature-dependent shape-responsive fluorescent nanospheres for image-guided drug delivery, J. Mater. Chem. C, 2016, 4, 3028-3035

7.  Kim DM, Zhang H, Zhou H, Du T, Wu Q., Mockler T, Berezin MY,* Highly sensitive image-derived indices of water-stressed plants using hyperspectral imaging in SWIR and histogram analysis, Scientific Reports , 2015, 5, 15919

8.  Zhou H, Gunsten SP, Zhegalova NG, Bloch S, Achilefu S, Holley JC, Schweppe D, Akers W, Brody SL, Eades WC, Berezin MY,* Visualization of Pulmonary Clearance Mechanisms via Noninvasive Optical Imaging Validated by Near-Infrared Flow Cytometry, Cytometry A, 2015, 87(5):419-27

9.  Klaus D,  Keene M, Silchenko S, Berezin MY ,* Gerasimchuk N*, 1D polymeric Pt cyanoximate: a strategy toward luminescence in the near-infrared region beyond 1000 nm, Inorganic Chemistry, 2015, 54 (4), pp 1890–1900.

10.  Salo D, Zhang H, Kim D, Berezin MY*, Multispectral measurement of contrast in tissue-mimicking phantoms in near-infrared spectral range 650-1600 nm, 2014, J. Biomed. Optics, 2014, 19(8), 086008