Pruett Research Group

John Pruett, MD. PhD.  Associate Professor  – Principal Investigator

Larry McEvoy
Harry Pope
Teddi Gray
Zeran Li

Description of Research Group

The Cognitive & Perceptual Development Lab (CPD) has 3 key aims: 1) increase our knowledge about cognitive and brain-based contributions to autistim spectrum disorder (ASD) and human social functioning, using behavioral and imaging methods; 2) enhance our understanding of the development of visual perception, attention, and cognition, as these domains of functioning relate to typical social behavior and may be compromised in ASD; and 3) increase our understanding of interdependencies (or lack thereof) between social responsiveness, higher-order relational reasoning, and Theory of Mind.  We are currently researching:

  1. Inter-regional brain functional connectivity in ASD (infants, children, adults)
  2. Visual attention to and visual processing of eyes and faces (in ASD and typical development).
  3. A comparative cognition approach to the problem of autism


Email: cpdl@psychiatry.wustl.edu