Hershey Research Group

Tamara Hershey, PhD - Principal Investigator

Beato, Beth

Bihun, Emily
Bischoff, Allison
Buttlaire, Anna
Doty, Tasha
Eisenstein, Sarah
Gredysa, Dana
Harkema, Merissa
Khan, Iqra
Koller, Jonathan
Lugar, Heather
Narayanan, Anagha
Ranck, Samantha
Rutlin, Jerrel
Semenkovich, Katherine
Siller, Alejandro

Description of Research Group

Our lab focuses on two primary lines of research: The neural underpinnings of cognitive and mood dysfunction in disorders relevant to dopamine and the basal ganglia (e.g. Parkinson disease, Huntington disease, Tourette syndrome) and the effects of diabetes and obesity on the brain, particularly during development. Using neuroimaging (MRI, fMRI and PET) and neuropsychological techniques, we are currently studying:

  1. How deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus affects cognition and mood in Parkinson’s disease.
  2. The effects of severe hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia on brain structure and function in children and adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus.
  3. Neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative changes in Wolfram syndrome.
  4. The effects of obesity on dopamine receptors in the brain, and their relationship to behavioral features and weight loss.
  5. The effects of malnutrition and its treatment on cognitive and brain development.