EON Research Group


EON Faculty:
John Zempel, MD., Ph.D.
Joseph Culver, Ph.D.

Serena Fang
Jenny Lu
Christina Ge

Tracy Nolan

Description of research group

The Electrical and Optical Neuroimaging (EON) Lab is a member of the Neuroimaging Laboratory.
The human brain is a complex dynamic system well-suited to adapt to novel situations while retaining a stable and predictable response repertoire. While the brain exhibits clear structural stability, even this level of organization adaptively changes in response to internal and external cues. To understand how the brain reorganizes in response to physical, emotional or disease-related challenges we need to more fully understand the dynamics of brain function at multiple spatial and temporal levels. It is the mission of the EON Laboratory to explore brain function at the mesoscopic level using multimodal neuroimaging approaches. To this end, the laboratory has focused on changes in healthy and damaged brain network activity in the transition of system state from wake to sleep and the impact of these state changes on cognitive function (e.g. learning, memory, decisions) across the lifespan.
Head models (pediatric, geriatric) for source reconstruction from scalp recordings 
Human Connectome Project 
Neural dynamics (Microstates in ECoG, EEG, simultaneous EEG+fMRI) 
Resting state connectivity in cognitive fluctuations 
Alzheimer's Disease — decision making with aging and volumetric changes 
Parkinson’s Disease — fcMRI and qEEG 
Neuroperformance Imaging — Stress and decision making