Black Research Group


Kevin Black, MD
Professor of Psychiatry, Neurology, Radiology and Neurobiology

Deanna Greene, PhD
Instructor in Psychiatry

Sheel Pathak, MD
Research Fellow in Child Neurology

Jonathan Koller, BSEE, BSBME
Senior Statistical Analyst

Emily Bihun, MEd
Professional Rater II

Samantha Ranck, MSW
Professional Rater III

Jonathan Vachon
Jackie Schechter
Undergraduate students

Beth Beato
Administrative professional

Description of Research Group

We develop methods for brain imaging and apply them to study the intersection of psychiatry and movement disorders. We have developed methods for structural imaging volumetry, analysis of brain images in nonhuman species, pharmacological fMRI (phMRI), and statistical analysis of anatomy-function relationships in deep brain stimulation (DBS). Applications have primarily focused on Tourette syndrome and Parkinson disease. Collaborators within the NIL include Joel Perlmutter, Tamara Hershey and Brad Schlaggar.