Benzinger Research Group

Training Opportunities

Training opportunities exist throughout the year -- but spaces are limited.

Undergraduate opportunities
Undergraduate students who want a summer experience in our laboratory should apply in January and February of that year. Selections are made in March or April. Priority is given to students who have previously worked in the lab, and to students who have external funding sources.

Academic year positions for the fall semester are filled first from within the pool of summer students. Similarly, lab rotations for the spring term are available preferentially to students continuing from the previous term or students who have been accepted for the summer program. For more information regarding student rotations, please send a CV to Russ Hornbeck.

Graduate-level & postdoctoral opportunities
Limited space is also available for graduate students enrolled in the Division of Biology and Biological Sciences at Washington University and to postdoctoral fellows. Interested individuals should send a CV to Tammie Benzinger, MD, PhD.