Attention and Brain Recovery - Corbetta Research Group


Maurizio Corbetta, MD, Norman J. Stupp; Professor of Neurology and the Chief of the Division of Neuro-Rehabilitation, Principal Investigator

Gordon L Shulman, PhD; Professor of Neurology
Alexandre Carter, MD, PhD; Assistant Professor in the Division of Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury in the Department of Neurology
Serguei Astafiev, PhD Senior Staff Scientist
Carl Hacker, PhD candidate in Neuroscience, Departments of Biomedical Engineering & Neurology
Lenny Ramsey, PhD candidate in Neuroscience, McDonnell International Scholars Academy Division of Biology & Biomedical Science Neurosciences
Joshua Siegel, PhD candidate in Neuroscience, Department of Neurology
Kristina Zinn, BS Clinical Research Management, Patient Research Coordinator
Nicholas Metcalf, Senior Data Control Coordinator
Dohyun Kim, PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering
Tina Hoffman, Administrative Assistant

Description of Research Group

The Attention and Brain Recovery (Corbetta) Research Group focuses on the brain mechanisms of cognitive functions and recovery of function after focal brain injury. Our first line of research is motivated by the desire to understand how intrinsic brain activity is organized in brain networks, and how brain networks are modulated by task performance and the selection of behaviorally relevant information (or attention). The second line of research aims at describing system level mechanisms of plasticity and compensation after focal brain injury, either stroke or traumatic brain injury.  Elucidation of such mechanisms is necessary for the development of brain-based interventions in Neurorehabilitation