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Molecular Imaging Center


The High-Throughput Screening Core is the combination of two former screening cores, and represents a collaboration between the Siteman Cancer Center and the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics. This resource is available to the entire Washington University community. We provide plate-based assay services, screening resources, expertise, automation and libraries for both siRNA and small-molecule compound libraries suitable for cell-based and biochemical assays.

Our services

•Experienced personnel work closely with researchers to develop and perform screens with siRNA or small molecules Support for any research that may benefit from automation.
•Access to instrumentation, including liquid-handling, plate readers, and high-content microscopy - individual instruments may be used offline for smaller studies
•Access to a compound collection of ~150,000 chemicals. A variety of sources and activities provides the capacity to screen relatively small bioactive libraries to develop assays or for proof-of-concept data, as well as for screening much larger libraries
•Access to siRNA collections, including Human Phosphatase, Kinase, Druggable Genome, Whole Genome, and Human and Mouse E3-ligase.
•Assay development (cell-based or biochemical)
•Provide access and training on instrumentation
• Library screening (internal library or external sources) and data analysis
•Provide access to the compound libraries: (ICCB known bioactives, NCI diversity set, Maybridge Hit finder, Microsource Spectrum Collection, Chembridge Microformats, Microsource Pharmakon)
•Plate readers, washers, dispensers, and liquid-handlers may be used offline to support any project that may benefit from automatio

Director - John Cooper
Scientific Director - Scott Wildman


        Scott Wildman
        E-mail: wildman@biochem.wustl.edu
        Phone: (314) 362-8945
        Location: 2nd Floor Cancer Research Building