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Molecular Imaging Center (MIC)

We are an interdisciplinary group of researchers collaborating with many different departments to utilize the Molecular Imaging Center's resources and further research.





sam webpg img-resize113x148-crop110x148 F     Samuel Achilefu, PhD

                • Director, Molecular Imaging Center
                • Director, Optical Radiology Lab
                • Michel M. Ter-Pogossian Endowed Chair in Radiology
                • Professor of Radiology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering
                • Vice Chair, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology
                • Director, Center for Multiple Myeloma Nanotherapy (U54 grant)
                • Co-Leader, Oncologic Imaging Program, Siteman Cancer Center (P30 grant)
                • 2019 Recipient of SPIE Britton Chance Award in Biomedical Optics
                • Lifetime Fellow of American Association for Advancement of Science
                • Primary Investigator, Achilefu Research Group

                  Contact: achilefus@mir.wustl.edu


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Kvar Black, PhD
                • Instructor in Radiology
                • Molecular Imaging Center
                • Optical Radiology Lab