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Electronic Radiology Laboratory (ERL)

Matthew Kelsey

Current Position
Business and Technology Application Analyst III

Contact Information
Washington University School of Medicine
Electronic Radiology Lab
Campus Box 8131
4525 Scott Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63110
(314) 362-3334

Research Interests
Matt Kelsey is a staff member of the Electronic Radiology Lab (ERL) of the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology.  Dr. Kelsey’s research activities include the analysis and modeling of medical image and electrophysiology data along with the development of machine learning algorithms and software to support this analysis.


Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2000, B.S., Electrical Engineering
Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2002, M.S., Electrical & Computer Engineering
Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2011, Ph.D., Electrical & Computer Engineering

Selected Peer-reviewed Publications or Manuscripts in Press:

  1. Matthew Kelsey, Alicia Boyd, David Politte, John Zempel, Fred Prior, Linda Larson-Prior Characterization of Microstates of Human Electrocorticography in Awake and NREM Sleep, OHBM Conf. 2014.
  2. Fred W. Prior, Sarah J. Fouke, Tammie Benzinger, Alicia Boyd, Michael Chicoine, Sharath Cholleti, Matthew Kelsey, Bart Keogh, Lauren Kim, Mikhail Milchenko, David G. Politte, Stephen Tyree, Kilian Weinberger, Daniel Marcus. Predicting a Multi-Parametric Probability Map of Active Tumor Extent Using Random Forests, IEEE EMBS Conf. 2013.
  3. Sarah J. Fouke,  Kilian Weinberger, Matthew Kelsey, Sharath Cholleti, David G. Politte, Daniel Marcus, Alicia Boyd, Bart Keogh, Tammie Benzinger, Mikhail Milchenko, Lauren Kim, Fred Prior. A Machine-Learning Based Classifier for Predicting a Multi-Parametric Probability Map of Active Tumor Extent within Glioblastoma Mulitforme, Society of NeuroOncology (SNO) 2012.
  4. Kelsey M, Politte D, Verner J, Zempel J, Nolan T, Babajani-Feremi A, Prior F, Larson-Prior L, Determination of Neural State Classification Metrics from the Power Spectrum of Human ECoG, 34th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, in press, 2012.
  5. P. D. Zempel J, Kelsey M, Vernier R, Babajani-Feremi A, Prior F, Larson-Prior L., Characterization of scale-free properties of human electrocorticography in awake and slow wave sleep states, Frontiers in Sleep and Chronobiology, in press, 2012.
  6. Bitter I, Kelsey M, Summers RM. Performance Tuning of Candidate Determination Methods for Computer Aided Detection of Colon Polyps. SPIE Medical Imaging. San Diego: SPIE, 2006; 6143-46.