Electronic Radiology Laboratory (ERL)

Malcolm Tobias

Current Position
Operations & Systems Specialist III

Contact Information
Washington University School of Medicine
Electronic Radiology Lab
Campus Box 8131
4525 Scott Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63110
(314) 362-1594

Research Interests
My experience running various campus computing centers has allowed me to interact with a wide range of scientific projects in a diverse set of fields.  I've worked with small codes developed by individual researchers, to large, international collaborations with a mature code-base.  I am aware of the many pitfalls associated with the growing-pains of numerical projects, such as going from a single programmer working in isolation, to large groups of developers with varying expertise all working together on the same code base.  I have experience with code optimization, parallelization, regression testing and the various tools necessary to see any scientific computational project succeed. 


Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, 1991, B.S., Physics
Washington University, St. Louis, 1997, Ph.D., Physics
Washington University, St. Louis, 2000, Postdoctoral, Physics

Key Publications:

  1. Balakrishna J, Daues G, Seidel E, Suen WM, Tobias M, Wang E. Coordinate Conditions and Their Implementation in 3D Numerical Relativity, Classical and Quantum Gravity 13, L135-L142, 1996.
  2. Anninos P, Masso J, Seidel E, Suen WM, Tobias M. The Near-Linear Regime of Gravitational Waves in Numerical Relativity.  Phsyical Review D 54, 6544-6547, 1996.
  3. Anninos P, Masso J, Seidel E, Suen WM, Tobias M. Dynamics of Gravitational Waves in 3D: Formulations, Methods and Tests. Physical Review D 56, 842-858, 1997.
  4. Font J, Miller M, Suen WM, Tobias M. Three Dimensional Numerical General Relativistic Hydrodynamics I: Formulations, Methods, and Code Tests.  Physical Review D 61, 044011-144037, 2000.
  5. Alcubierre M, Allen G, Bruegmann B, Lanfermann G, Seidel E, Suen WM, Tobias M. Gravitational Collapse of Gravitational Waves in 3D Numerical Relativity.  Physical Review D 61, 041501-041506, 2000.
  6. Miller M, Suen WM, Tobias M. The Shapiro Conjecture: Prompt or Delayed Collapse in the Head-on Collision of Neutron Stars? Physical Review D 63, 121501-121506, 2001.
  7. Font J, Goodale T, Iyer S, Miller M, Rezzolla L, Seidel E, Stergioulas N, Suen WM, Tobias M. Three-dimensional General Relativistic Hydrodynamics II: Long-term Dynamics of Single Relativistic Stars. Physical Review D 65, 084024-084042, 2002.
  8. R. Bondarescu, G. Allen, G. Daues, I. Kelley, M. Russell, E. Seidel, J. Shalf, M. Tobias. The Astrophysics Simulation Collaboratory Portal: A Framework for Effective Distributed. Research. Future Generation Computer Systems 21 259-270 (2005)
  9. Unni S, Huang Y, Hanson RM, Tobias M, Krishnan S, Li WW, Nielsen JE, Baker NA.  Web servers and services for electrostatics calculations with APBS and PDB2PQR.  J Comput Chem 32 (7), 1488-1491, 2011.

For an up-to-date list of Dr. Tobias's publication please see his entry on Google Scholar.