Electronic Radiology Laboratory (ERL)

Credit: "Image via Human Connectome Project (www.humanconnectome.org)"

Human Connectome Project

Mapping the Human Connectome : Structure, Function and Heritability

The Human Connectome Project is a mult-center study using the structural and functional imaging methods to characterize human brain circuitry in a large population of healthy adult humans. It involves more than 100 scientists and staff at ten institutions in the United States and Europe, including a large contingent from MIR. The goal is to relate connectional variability to behavior and genetics. ERL is involved in the informatics operations team and the MEG operations team.

Collaborators: Robert Oostenveld, Linda Larson-Prior, David Van Essen, William Shannon
Grant: 1 U54 MH091657-01 (PI: Van Essen)