Our Research

ERL’s research program focuses heavily on Cancer Imaging Informatics and Quantitative Image analysis. Our proven expertise in the creation and management of large-scale image and information repositories such as The Cancer Imaging Archive and The World-Image Chest Image Repository (for CDC-NIOSH) is built on decades of experience as an imaging and QC core for multi-center clinical trials (see list of active trials). 

ERL created the first reference implementation of the DICOM standard, and continues to provide active support for both the DICOM standards process and the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) initiative. All software developed in the laboratory is released open source, and we support an open-source development community through our imphub code management facility. ERL faculty actively pursue research in advanced image reconstruction algorithms that can be applied both in biomedical research and in advanced security applications. This line of research builds on a long history of quantitative image and morphometric analysis ranging from precise bone mineral density measurements to new techniques for MEG/EEG/ECoG based imaging.