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Cardiovascular Imaging Laboratory (CVIL)

Zulfia Kisrieva-Ware

Current Position

Instructor in Radiology


Contact Information

Washington University School of Medicine
Department of Radiology
Cardiovascular Imaging Laboratory
Campus Box 8225
4525 Scott Ave., Room 1303
St. Louis, MO 63110
(314) 747-3966


Research Interests

My research interest are in the field of interrelation of myocardial and hepatic metabolism, development of noninvasive imaging methods of its quantification in health and various metabolic conditions and diseases. The second project I'm involved in is the myocardial oxidative stress and heart and skeletal muscle metabolism in Barth syndrome for which I analyze metabolites and images. The third project I participate in is the integrated nanosystems for diagnosis and treatment. My fourth project, with Dr. Adil Bashir, is to develop a noninvasive method to determine the capacity of skeletal muscles to generate energy with (31)P MRS, which is currently at the grant application stage.



M.D., Summa Cum Laude, and Ph.D., Moscow State Medical University, Russia



  • Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award, USA
  • Royal Society Postdoctoral Fellowship, Oxford University, England
  • Postgraduate Scholarship at Russian State Medical University, Moscow, Russia
  • Academic Scholarship, Dagestan State Medical Institute, Russia


Disclosure of Financial Interest with Industry

None relevant to research.


Key Publications

  1. Coggan AR, Kisrieva-Ware Z, Dence CS, Eisenbeis P, Gropler RJ, Herrero P. "Measurement of Myocardial Fatty Acid Esterification Using [1-11C]-Palmitate and PET: Comparison with Direct Measurements of Myocardial Triglyceride Synthesis." J Nucl Cardiol, 2009; 16(4):562-70.
  2. Kisrieva-Ware Z, Coggan AR, Sharp TL, Dence CS, Gropler RJ, Herrero P. "Assessment of Myocardial Triglyceride Oxidation with PET and 11C-Palmitate." J Nucl Cardiol, 2009; 16(3):411-21.
  3. Herrero P, McGill J, Lesniak DS, Dence CS, Scott SW, Kisrieva-Ware Z, Gropler RJ. "PET Detection of the Impact of Dobutamine on Myocardial Glucose Metabolism in Women with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus." J Nucl Cardiol, 2008; 15(6):791-9.
  4. Herrero P, Dence CS, Coggan AR, Kisrieva-Ware Z, Eisenbeis P, Gropler RJ. "L-3-11C-Lactate As A PET Tracer of Myocardial Lactate Metabolism: A Feasibility Study." J Nucl Med, 2007; 48(12):2046-55.
  5. Peterson LR, Herrero P, McGill J, Schechtman KB, Kisrieva-Ware Z, Lesniak D, Gropler RJ. "Fatty Acids and Insulin Modulate Myocardial Substrate Metabolism in Humans with Type 1 Diabetes." Diabetes, 2008; 57(1):32-40.
  6. Herrero P, Kisrieva-Ware Z, Dence CS, Patterson B, Coggan AR, Han DH, Ishii Y, Eisenbeis P, Gropler RJ. "PET Measurements of Myocardial Glucose Metabolism with 1-11C-Glucose and Kinetic Modeling." J Nucl Med, 2007; 48(6):955-64.
  7. Herrero P, Soto PF, Dence, CS, Kisrieva-Ware Z, Delano DA, Peterson LR, Gropler RJ. "Impact of Hormone Replacement on Myocardial Fatty Acid Metabolism: Potential Role of Estrogen." J Nucl Cardiol, 2005; 12(5):574-81.
  8. Peterson LR, Herrero P, Schechtman KB, Racette SB, Waggoner Ad, Kisrieva-Ware Z, Dence C, Klein S, Marsala J, Meyer T, Gropler RJ. "Effect of Obesity and Insulin Resistance on Myocardial Substrate Metabolism and Efficiency in Young Women." Circulation, 2004; 109(18):2191-6.