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Cardiovascular Imaging Laboratory (CVIL)

Our Research Groups

Our research groups are cross-functional in nature and organized around specific investigational themes, which include the following:


New Probe Evaluation:

The goal of this group is to perform pre-clinical and clinical validation studies of new molecular imaging probes relevant to cardiovascular disease.

Muscle Metabolism:

The focus of this group is the study of the metabolic-functional  relation for myocardial and skeletal muscle in both health and disease.

MR Physics:

The goal of this group is to develop new MRI and MRS approaches to quantify key anatomic, physiological, and cellular processes relevant to cardiovascular disease.

Pulmonary Inflammation:

The goal of this program is to develop a lung-focused molecular imaging program with tie-ins to oncology translational imaging when imaging of a particular pathway being developed for lung inflammation.

Clinical Trials:

This group provides expertise to perform cardiovascular and pulmonary Phase 0-4 clinical trials that use imaging endpoints.