Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Laboratory

The BMRL provides research and development at the frontier of MR imaging technology in an effort to make the most powerful new imaging strategies available to its community of users.  In addition to supporting research applications of small-animal MR imaging, the BMRL routinely assists and trains researchers in imaging and spectroscopy procedures and data analysis methods and provides access to and maintenance of small-animal MR scanners and ancillary facilities.

Support resources include:

  • Maintenance of and access to small-animal magnetic resonance imaging scanners.
  • Assistance with animal procedures and monitoring of small-animal physiologic status during imaging.
  • Consultation regarding pre-clinical research-protocol development and data analysis.
  • Support for local and remote data access, analysis, visualization, and archival.
  • Hands-on training in instrument operation and data analysis.
  • Assistance with grant applications and manuscript preparation.

Click here for a comprehensive listing of instrumentation and equipment available in the Small-Animal MR Facility.