Posted: 10/11/2022

Research Technician (PRTC, Chaney Lab)

This position assists with the technical aspects of studies and experiments, including documentation and preparation of materials, supporting the performance of animal studies and assays investigating the role of the immune system in neurological disease. We are looking for a motivated and detail-oriented person interested in learning more about neuroimmunology and translational molecular imaging approaches.

The emerging role of inflammation in the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases is shifting the way we think about diagnosis and treatment of these conditions. Unfortunately, current approaches to probe immune function in vivo are limited. The Chaney lab focuses on developing and evaluating novel imaging biomarkers to investigate the inflammatory component of neurodegenerative diseases – an area at the interface of Neuroscience, Radiology and Immunology. The overall goal is to enhance understanding of the immune system’s role in neurodegenerative diseases, and thus improve diagnosis and treatment of patients.

The Chaney Lab is a part of the Precision Radiotheranostics Translation Center within Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology (MIR).

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Primary Duties & Responsibilities
• Assists with research studies, experiments and assays, including collection of data, preparation of solutions and set-up and maintenance of equipment.
• Handles and monitors rodent models of neurogenerative and inflammatory disease.
• Tissue/sample preparation and performance of pathology/IHC.
• Performs data entry and maintains data files on research.
• Prepares tissue cultures, reagents, probe tests, etc.
• Complies with established safety procedures and maintains required documentation on laboratory and specimen conditions.
• Ensures lab conditions and equipment are properly cleaned and maintained in accordance with established procedures.
• Assists with general lab maintenance and cleaning.
• Performs other duties as assigned.
• Provides support to clinical imaging studies when needed.

Required Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree and up to one year of experience in a laboratory setting or an equivalent combination of education and experience equaling four years.

Preferred Qualifications
• Interest in neuroscience, immunology, or molecular imaging research.
• Experience with biological assays/techniques (e.g., qPCR, western blots, IHC) or small animal imaging (PET/CT, MRI).
• Excellent organizational skills and demonstrated ability to accurately complete detailed work.
• General computer skills and ability to quickly learn and master computer programs, databases, and scientific applications.
• Experience with animal handling.
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team with colleagues and collaborators.
• Ability to effectively communicate.

Working Conditions
• This position will work in a laboratory environment with close proximity to radionuclides/radioactivity and potential exposure to biological and chemical hazards.
• The individual must be physically able to wear protective equipment and to provide standard care to research animals.

Salary Range
$16.08 – $25.12 / Hourly

The salary range reflects base salaries paid for positions in a given job grade across the University. Individual rates within the range will be determined by factors including one’s qualifications and performance, equity with others in the department, market rates for positions within the same grade and department budget.