Posted: 4/15/2022

Postdoctoral Research Associate (NIL-RC, Gordon Lab)

Position Summary

Drs. Muriah Wheelock and Brian Gordon are recruiting a postdoctoral fellow to join the Neuroimaging Labs Research Center (NIL-RC) at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. The fellow will join NIH-funded projects to understand longitudinal brain-behavior associations in individuals with both sporadic and autosomal dominant Alzheimer disease (AD). Research will focus on determining functional and structural connectome-wide associations with biomarker data (e.g., PET, CSF, blood) and cognitive decline.

The major technical goals of the project will be to 1) analyze resting state fMRI and/or DTI connectivity data, 2) perform connectome analysis (e.g., graph theory and brain-behavior association analyses), and 3) contribute to ongoing advances in analytic methods for longitudinal data modeling.

Washington University in St. Louis hosts a strong, collaborative, multidisciplinary research program in bioengineering and neuroscience with a focus on neuroimaging. The NIL-RC is a research facility that brings together over a hundred faculty, postdocs, students, and staff devoted to neuroimaging and houses three research-dedicated 3 T Siemens Prisma scanners, as well as both large and small-bore systems for specimen and animal studies. The Center for Clinical Imaging Research (CCIR) is a clinical-research focused center in the adjacent hospital complex that contains both 3T MRI as well as PET imaging capabilities. These resources have supported AD research at the Knight Alzheimer Disease Research Center for three decades.

Work will include:
1. Functional connectivity processing of resting-state fMRI data.
2. Diffusion tractography processing of diffusion weighted imaging data.
3. Neuroimaging data harmonization (multi-site/multi-scanner).
4. Collaborating with investigators from the Knight Alzheimer Disease Research Center.

Grant funding will also support travel to annual conferences, such as Human Brain Mapping and the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference. Various local training opportunities are available including the Knight ADRC Research Education Component Scholar Program and research presentations through the Knight ADRC, the Hope Center, and the Neuroimaging in Health and Disease seminar series. Drs. Wheelock and Gordon, with the support of the NIL-RC, will provide mentorship for grant submissions including but not limited to fellowship (F), career (K), or Alzheimer’s Association grant applications.


Learn More and Apply

Minimum Qualifications
Ph.D. degree in neuroscience, biomedical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, psychology, or a related field.

Preferred Qualifications
Track record of research in the analysis of medical imaging data, particularly MRI.
Experience with MRI data and file formats such as CIFTI and BIDS are highly valued.
Experience with Python, Matlab, or other tools for data analysis is also desired.

Salary Range
Base pay is commensurate with experience.

Applicant Special Instructions
Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled.
Please contact Dr. Muriah Wheelock () and provide 1) a cover letter outlining research interests, experience, and qualifications; 2) a CV; and 3) the names of two references.