MIR Pilot Funds

MIR Pilot Funds can be used for projects within the MIR research support facilities. Maximum award amounts are $15,000 per project. Funding for projects in CTIU facilities are to be used in conjunction with JIT funding from ICTS. 


Funding Details

MIR Pilot Funding Guidelines

JIT Funding for CTIU Core Facilities 


Deadlines and Review Cycles

Applications received prior to the 25th of each month will be reviewed in the next month's review cycle.


How To Apply

Application Quick Checklist

MIR Pilot Fund Application


Eligible MIR Research Support Facilities

  • Center for Clinical Imaging Research (CCIR) (CTIU Core Facility)
  • Preclinical PET Facility
  • Small Animal MRI Facility
  • East MR Imaging Facility
  • Central Neuroimaging Data Archive (CNDA)
  • Molecular Imaging Center (MIC)
  • Shared Data Storage (SDS)
  • 3D Printing Lab (3DP)
  • Radiology Clinical Research Core (RadCore) (CTIU Core Facility)
  • Cyclotron Facility (CTIU Core Facility)