3-D Printing Lab

Services & Equipment

Technology & Printers

  • Makerbot 5th Generation
  • Makerbot 2nd Generation
  • Hyrel System 30 M
  • Formlabs Form2


  • All Form2 compatible resins (dental, clear, grey, flexible, elastic, etc.)
  • PLA (color choice available)
  • ABS (color choice available)
  • Flexible filaments (NinjaFlex, Flex TPE)
  • PVA
  • Choice of hydrogels

3-D Medical Modeling

We develop patient-specific 3-D models from any DICOM datasets (CT, MRI or other). These can be visualized on a computer or 3-D printed into physical models.

Customized Implants & Surgical Guides

MIR’s 3-D Lab creates various types of medical-device designs and prototypes for research purposes. We can fabricate any anatomical model or regions of interest (ROIs) for educational or simulation training. We help design and prototype customized implants and prostheses that are patient specific.

Training & Workshops

If you are interested in learning more about 3-D modeling and printing, we conduct training sessions, workshops and presentations. Please contact us to learn more.

Contact Us

For more information about our services or to discuss a project, email Anusha Elumali.


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