MIR Physician Diagnosis
Your safety is our priority...

Radiology Process

Radiology uses internal images to help make a diagnosis, determine extent of damage and deliver treatment. Most imaging exams require a physician's order.

Different forms of energy are used for different tests. Some require radiation. Some radiology exams, like an ultrasound, do not. Our radiologists will determine the test you need based upon your circumstances. S/he will generate a detailed report about your exam and forward it electronically to your physician for review.

Why Choose MIR?

Your Safety

Count on us to use the lowest possible dose of radiation to perform your imaging exam.

Diagnostic imaging exams emit safe levels of radiation. However, problems can occur with overuse and repeated exposure, especially in children and adolescents.

We follow special guidelines called protocols to determine the best imaging exam for you, how to best perform it and the number of images needed to make a diagnosis. Our equipment is among the most advanced anywhere in the world and includes FLASH CT scanners for pediatric and adult patients. They provide fast scans with extremely low radiation dose levels.


Your Accurate Diagnosis

No other local radiology group is better trained to read your imaging exam.Our radiologists are nationally and internationally recognized for their expertise.They are leaders in the field. They are editors for professional journals and they are subspecialty trained. This means they have additional training and expertise in imaging specific organs and body systems. They know how to interpret the subtleties of a scan or other imaging tests and see what others may miss.


Your Comfort

From child-sized equipment in kid-friendly rooms to MRI scanners with wider openings for adult patients with claustrophobia or a larger frame, we will do everything in our power to insure your physical comfort and peace of mind, while acquiring the diagnostic images we need.

Because our equipment is among the most advanced anywhere, we can conduct exams more quickly than many other providers. Your transcribed report will be immediately accessible to your physician through your electronic medical record.