Joint injection / Aspiration (Arthrocentesis, Arthrogram, Arthography)

Joint imaging evaluations & procedures in St. Louis


MR arthrography is a specialized magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study which, in specific cases, can provide a more detailed imaging evaluation of joints than a routine MRI. Arthrographic images help physicians evaluate alterations in structure and function of a joint and help to determine the possible need for treatment, including surgery or joint replacement. The procedure is most often used to identify abnormalities within the shoulder, hip, wrist, knee, elbow, and ankle. MR Arthrograms can also be used to help diagnose persistent, unexplained joint pain or discomfort. MR Arthrogram is a two-part procedure. A local anesthetic is used to numb the area. Arthrography is performed under fluoroscopic guidance with the injection of a contrast material into the joint. The contrast material distends the joint and makes some structures more visible than they may otherwise be. After the contrast is instilled, a conventional MRI is obtained to provide images of the joint.

Imaging Areas

arms and legs, bone, children, joints, spine

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