Fluoroscopy in St. Louis


Fluoroscopy uses x-ray to produce real-time video images. After the x-rays pass through the patient they are captured by a device called an image intensifier and converted into light. The light is then captured by a TV camera and displayed on a video monitor for interpretation by a radiologist.  The radiologist uses fluoroscopy to watch what is going on inside the body during certain procedures and exams.

Imaging Areas

arms and legs, blood, blood vessels, bone, breast, children, abdomen, gall bladder, head, neck and thyroid, heart, joints, kidney, pelvis, pancreas, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovary

Typical Preparations

Preparation depends upon the type of exam to be performed. If you wear an appliance/ostomy bag, please bring an additional bag is case a change is necessary. Follow any pre-test instructions given to you. Contraindications. Please let us know if you: • Are pregnant or suspect you might be pregnant • Are allergic to iodine or other contrast dyes used in imaging exams • Had a barium x-ray procedure recently

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