Doppler ultrasound exam in St. Louis


A Doppler ultrasound may be part of an ultrasound examination. (For more: see Modality - Ultrasound.) Doppler ultrasound is a special ultrasound technique that evaluates blood flow through a blood vessel, including the body's major arteries and veins in the abdomen, arms, legs, neck and head (in infants and children). There are three types of Doppler ultrasound: 1) Color Doppler uses a computer to convert Doppler measurements into an array of colors to visualize the speed and direction of blood flow through a blood vessel. 2) Power Doppler is a newer technique that is more sensitive than color Doppler and capable of providing greater detail of blood flow, especially when blood flow is little or minimal. Power Doppler, however, does not help the radiologist determine the direction of blood flow, which may be important in some situations. 3) Instead of displaying Doppler measurements visually, Spectral Doppler displays blood flow measurements graphically, in terms of the distance traveled per unit of time.

Imaging Areas

arms and legs, blood, blood vessels, children, head, neck and thyroid, heart, kidney, pelvis, liver

Typical Preparations

Preparation depends upon the type of exam to be performed. Follow any pre-test instructions given to you If you are going to have a Doppler of the abdomen: • Do not eat, drink or chew gum 6-8 hours before your exam • Take your usual medications with a small amount of water

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