Cementoplasty procedure in St. Louis


Cenentoplasty (also known as Vertebroplasty) is an image-guided, minimally invasive, non-surgical therapy used to strengthen a fractured/compressed vertebra (spinal bone) that has been weakened by osteoporosis or, less commonly, cancer. Vertebroplasty can increase a patient's functional abilities, usually allow a return to the previous level of activity, and prevent further vertebral collapse. In over 90% of patients it is successful at alleviating the pain caused by a compression fracture. Often performed on an outpatient basis, vertebroplasty is accomplished by injecting a bone cement mixture through a needle into the fractured bone. Patients are sedated and receive a local anesthetic to numb the skin and the muscles near the spinal fracture. Intravenous antibiotics may also be administered to prevent infection. Through a small incision and guided by a fluoroscope, a hollow needle is passed through the spinal muscles until its tip is precisely positioned within the fractured vertebra. Once the needle is shown to be in the proper location, the bone cement is injected.

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bone, spine

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