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An X-ray, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT) scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) is used to diagnose and track aneurysms. The technique used is based on the information required. For example, the X-ray is used to identify the aneurysm, but the results of an ultrasound are needed for a doctor to determine the aneurysm's size. A non-surgical approach to treat an abdominal aneurysm is used for patients who are not suited for surgery, such as individuals with aneurysms of 5 centimeters or smaller. Also, every six to 12 months, or earlier for high-risk individuals, an ultrasound or CT scan may be used to monitor the aneurysm's size.

Imaging Areas

blood, blood vessels, brain, children, kidney, pelvis, liver

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