Pediatric Radiology

Your child’s safety comes first.

maging kids requires special equipment, safeguards and expertise. We have them all.

Our physicians are experts in diagnosing illnesses, injuries and diseases affecting infants, children and adolescents. We use age-based, size-based and weight-based guidelines to determine the least amount of radiation needed to make a diagnosis. Every imaging test we perform is tailored for that child. Radiation adds up over a lifetime, and we make every effort to minimize exposure.  In fact we are leaders in the Image Gently campaign to reduce pediatric radiation exposure.

We use ‘Ouchless IV’ when intravenous sedation is necessary for an imaging exam. Our test results are available the same day and are immediately forwarded to your child’s primary care physician. No one wants to wait for medical results, especially when it involves their child.

Our physicians now provide diagnostic imaging services at the newly opened Children's Specialty Care Center at Mason Road and Highway 40.

To arrange an imaging study, call St. Louis Children's Radiology scheduling at (314) 454-2525.