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Pediatric Radiology

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There’s nothing ‘general’ about our pediatric radiology section.

We specialize in kids.The pediatric radiology section provides all the imaging services for St. Louis Children’s Hospital and is the largest pediatric radiology team in the region. We perform more than 100,000 imaging exams annually, from simple fractures to complex conditions, and disease. Every test is read by a pediatric-trained specialist certified in pediatric radiology or pediatric neuroradiology. Their expertise allows for a more accurate diagnosis.

Our physicians are experts in pediatric imaging, and are listed among the nation’s Best Doctors. They are also leaders in the Image Gently campaign to reduce radiation exposure during pediatric medical exams. We use age, size and weight-based guidelines to determine the least amount of radiation needed to make a diagnosis. We also employ the most technologically-advanced, but child-sized equipment to yield clearer images and better information in a kid friendly environment. 

To learn why you should Choose a Pediatric Imaging Center.