Nuclear Medicine

The teaching file was started in 1994, and was developed by Jerold Wallis, M.D. and Michelle Miller, with the help of Tom Miller M.D. Ph.D., Thomas H. Vreeland M.D., Henry Royal M.D., Sherman Owens, K.S. Sampathkumaran M.S. and many others . . .

The goal of the teaching file is to provide practice for nuclear medicine residents and physicians in the interpretation of nuclear medicine studies. Images are provided initially without the diagnoses, so that physicians can form their own opinion about the cases. The diagnoses are then available via a hypertext link, along with a full case discussion. To the best of our ability, information in this teaching collection is correct at the time of case creation. However, we do not intend to provide a comprehensive review of the literature on each topic, and optimal diagnostic strategies may change as medical imaging techniques evolve.