Our vision
To become one of the best neuroradiology sections in the world founded on the principles of excellence, integrity, and compassion.

We will promote clinicians, residents, fellows, and staff to deliver the best medical care through clinical skill, education, and research. We will serve patients with skill and compassion in order to instill a sense of confidence. We will perform these functions through principle-centered leadership in order to maintain a sense of security, peace, and harmony.

Specifically, we will:
1. Focus on research projects to improve clinical practice and basic neuroscience.

  • Nurture staff by reviewing the appropriate allocation of protected time for the pursuit of clinical studies and projects and by supplying material and personnel resources for the successful accomplishment of individual and sectional goals.
  • Arrange guidance for our trainees for the design of successful research projects.
  • Develop a limited number of projects of major emphasis that will synergistically enlist members of the section and other basic and clinical scientists.
  • Develop productive in-house and externally funded research projects

2. Assume a pivotal and direct role in the diagnosis and therapy of neurological, orthopedic, opthalmologic, and head and neck disease as relates to our calling as neuroradiologists.

  • Attempt to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic materials, techniques and drugs to improve care and outcomes.
  • Maintain and strengthen our regional clinical leadership through collaboration with other departments and a directed effort to maintain and expand clinical volume.

3. Provide training that leads to the most competent and compassionate radiologists in the field.

  • Focus on clinical, research, administrative, and ethical issues to educate the neuroradiology fellows and staff as the immediate generation of neuroradiologists.
  •  Provide the residents with essential clinical skills as a foundation for a successful career.
  • Promote subspecialty training, such as pediatric, interventional, head and neck, and spine neuroradiology, as a mission of the section.

4. Broaden our influence by participating constructively in local, regional, and national societies and meetings.

Rationale (Why this vision is worth pursuing):
1. Because we are firmly committed to the principle that synergistically nurturing the potential of all humans within our circle of influence to grow through individual and group mentoring achieves goals worthwhile to the individual and community.
2. Because we believe that positioning ourselves as a visibly preeminent section will ensure our survival locally and nationally thus enabling us to continue to contribute to medicine and life in a meaningful way.
3. Because we believe that, although we have accomplished many positive goals, we have the tools to realistically become substantially better than we are now.

Potential end measures (How we will gauge our progress toward fulfilling our vision.):
1. Periodic interviews or surveys with patients, graduating fellows, other section heads locally and nationally.
2. Analysis of candidate preferences, competing programs.